Media in timeline and bottons

create synchronized shows with audio and lights
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Media in timeline and bottons

Post by juankasuarez »

Hello! i guess its too early for some of the questions we all have couse its still developing the software but,

Do we gonna have back the posibility of having media like videos (MP4, MOV, PNG, JPG ) in the timelines? and in the bottons?

And one more question about the medias, can we have like in the version 7 the posibility to run loops couse by now when you got a video of 10seconds at the end of the video it get freez and before they was doing loops and that helps a lot and its super usefull.

THANKS SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING. this new software its looking good!

Juan Carlos.
A Lighting controller user since 2017 profesional for a multinacional company.
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Re: Media in timeline and bottons

Post by support »

Thank you for your comments : :)

Videos & pictures in TimeLine should be possible.
Media buttons in Boards should be possible as well.
We just need time to do that, and we have some more important things to do before.

Version 7 is a bit far for us.
Could you please post a video illustrating your request ?
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