software SweetLight

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software SweetLight

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SweetLight II for Windows

MacOS intel
SweetLight II for MacOS intel

MacOS arm
The arm (M1/M2) native version will be online later ; please run the intel version via "Rosetta" on your M1/M2 computer for now.

The Linux version will be online later.

TheLightingController II II for Android
This version is not branded. This is not needed yet because Android needs a wireless DMX interface and our wireless DMX interface is not available yet.
With this version, you can not drive real DMX fixtures for now, but you can drive virtual fixtures in our 3D view installed on a Windows/Mac computer via a network connection.
How to install an APK file on Android

No way to install our software without Apple store, so this will take some time for that.

Please download the software with the name of your DMX interface.