request - send midi commands

live control with midi devices
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request - send midi commands

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I would like to know if it is very difficult to make macros respond and send MIDI signals to have an external program to which to give the command to launch, for example, a video or a sound at the same time you execute a macro, or vice versa, for the external program to send a MIDI signal and activate a macro within the program (this would help, for example, to program a show with QLab and trigger scenes within the lighting controller, and it would be possible to skip a scene if that show changes unexpectedly at the last minute) as if it were a bit like a timecode

THANKS A LOT FOR ALL THE REPLYS!!!! thanks thanks!!
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Re: request - send midi commands

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But certainly not easy to make our software the master sequencer for everything including audio / video external devices, because this requires an extreme time accuracy and our software does not manage timecode.

And thank you for your comments :-)
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