New Effects in 3d Visualiser

3D view of the lightshow
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New Effects in 3d Visualiser

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Just wondering if this brand new software will have all of the personalty of a lights functions being displayed in the new 3d visualiser,ie prism rotation,split colours,frost,zoom,twin gobo wheels twin colour wheels,seperate rotation of gobos on the wheels,ect as these are badly needed in 3d visuals nowdays to get the full effect of the lights.

Also a top class pixel matrix, and playing videos inside the 3d visualiser is something needed. I thought being as you have started from scratch now would be the ideal time to impliment these things.
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Re: New Effects in 3d Visualiser

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The additional effects visible presently in this new 3D view are: zoom, frost and gobo wheel rotation.
Prism and split color are not implemented yet.
Pixel matrix should be in a next major version, together with the section "Pixel" in the main program.
Playing video in the 3D rendering is not in our ToDo list for now.
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