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DMX fixture profile request

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Please proceed like this for a new DMX fixture profile request

1. Make a new post here for each DMX fixture profile request, with the following title "Brand - Model": DMX fixture profile request

2. Mention in your post the link to download the manual of the fixture.
Alternatively, you can submit a library file from the version 9 of our software.

Then we will do the profile for you.

To import the new profile in your lightshow

The new profile will be available here: extra bank of DMX fixture profiles
- download the file (in your web browser, right click over the profile's name and select "Save as")
- in the module "Fixtures" of our software, import the file in your lightshow (button "Select model" menu "Import a fixture"). Alternatively, you can copy the file here: "home_directory/TheLightingController_II/LightShows/YourLightShow/fixtures/".

The gobo textures are oftenly not included into the profile because the manufacturer rarely provides their files.

You have to create one post for each required profile.

Reminder: you can also create a new profile by yourself in module "Fixtures".