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first videos

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To see first

Multi-platform software - One source code and one set of tutorials for all platforms.

LightshowCreator - Create a nice lightshow from scratch in a few minutes, without programming any light scene.

The keypoints

keypoint - pan tilt limitations - Define the area where you want the beams to operate.

keypoint - show beams - Turn on the light beams as needed during the lightshow programming.

keypoint - virtual dimmer - Virtual dimmer channel for RGB only DMX fixtures.

keypoint - Generator - FX - The key points of Generator.

keypoint - Generator - floating points - The "floating points" in Generator.

keypoint - Generator - move time points - Move the time points in Generator.

keypoint - Generator - add remove fixture - Add / remove fixtures into the project.

keypoint - Boards - multi-projects - Manage several project in the live screen.

keypoint - Boards - color board - Change colors in live with a color wheel.

keypoint - Boards - follow spots board - Take pan / tilt control of a chosen moving light and move its beam in live.

keypoint - Boards - relative scene - Add a scene relatively to another one.

keypoint - beat drop - An example of "beat drop" effect.

keypoint - morphing - Replace a DMX fixture by another one.

keypoint - 3DView - groups - The groups of elements in 3DView.

keypoint - 3DView - truss creator - A tool to create quickly a complete truss.

keypoint - dark & light themes - Chose dark or light theme.

The tutorials

tuto - create fixture - How to create a new DMX fixture.

tuto - create group - How to create a group of fixture.

tuto - create basic scene - How to create a basic scene.

tuto - relative scene - How to run a scene relatively on another one.

tuto beat drop - How to create a nice "beat drop" effect.